Window Tinting

Window tinting proves extremely helpful in not only improving the comfort level inside your car but also protecting the interiors from the harmful effects of sun rays. We, at Khaz Customs, are capable of providing high quality and professional window tinting services to your utmost satisfaction. Our expert technicians make sure that you get the desired look that also minimizes the damage to the beautiful interior of your vehicle due to constant exposure to the harmful UVA and UVB rays. We are capable of offering both the basic window tint and the reflective tint to meet your specific needs and taste.

Why Choose Us
Apart from the fact that we offer the best quality and 100% customer satisfaction in all our services, you can be assured that by choosing us, you get the desired window tint for your vehicle at an affordable price. In addition hiring our services offers you the following benefits.

  • We make sure that the tinting is done in keeping with the exact specification of your automobile, eliminating any chances of uncovered spaces or an unfinished look.
  • We use only the best quality films to prevent any bubbling or undesired color changes in the tinted parts after it has been applied.
  • With our smooth and scratch free tint application process, you can be assured of a major reduction of glare, which in turn can enhance your driving experience in a significant manner.
  • We choose the most durable tint films that can last really long and provide you great value for money by making both you and your vehicle feel better than ever.
  • We make sure that the tint films used by us do not cause any type of signal interference, so that you can communicate in a smooth and hassle free manner from your vehicle.

KhazCustoms – A Reliable Choice
With Khaz Customs you can be assured of the best quality tinting done in a technologically advanced manner. Whether you want the latest heat-reduction technology or a simple film to maintain the privacy your vehicle’s interior, we are here to fulfill your specific requests with the guarantee of a long life and great value for money.


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