Puddle Lights

If you regularly drive a car, you must surely have gone through the bad experience of stepping into a puddle or a bigger pit or even something worse, just when you step out of the vehicle. Any such accident can prove extremely dangerous and might even lead to a serious injury. The same holds true for the other passengers traveling with you in the vehicle, as it is extremely difficult to know whether the road or pavement they would be stepping onto is safe enough, especially when you are out after dark. We at Khaz Customs, help you to maintain your safety and well being along with those of your co-passengers by fitting your car with high quality puddle lights.

What Are Customized Puddle Lights
Customized Puddle lights are a relatively new concept in the automobile industry and are basically designed to ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers as they disembark from the vehicle. These lights are designed to project logos, manufacturer names, etc and are generally fixed underneath the doors or side mirrors and point towards the pavement or the street just besides the standing vehicle. This helps in illuminating the areas that the drivers and the passengers are most likely to step onto and prevent them from accidentally getting hurt due to stepping into a puddle or pit or even a piece of rock etc.

At Khaz Customs our technicians can customize this to suit your taste by fitting names, pictures, business logos and slogans etc. This will be projected onto the pavement like any ordinary puddle light, the difference now is not only it’s unique and exclusive to you, it also illuminates the area of interest.

Why Choose Khaz Customs
We at Khaz Customs have earned a name for providing the most professional and best quality auto services in Lagos and adjoining areas. We make sure that all puddle light fittings in your car are done as per your desired specifications. In addition hiring our services proves advantageous in the following ways.

  • We use only the most durable and environment friendly lights that ensure power saving besides enhancing the elegant look of your automobile.
  • We are the only company in the Nigeria that can customize these puddle lights to project anything you desire.
  • We test all the lights used for providing a non-flickering and brilliant beam to ensure better visibility of the streets over a longer area.


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