Oven Baked Respray

The benefits of the innovative technique extend to a greater luster, a uniform coating, and a particle-free finish, but there’s other advantages that aren’t quite as obvious. These benefits go hand-in-hand with a sizable helping of control. To explain that claim, imagine the environment within an oven. It’s a sealed chamber, a space that the respray technician has absolute control of during the entirety of the process. The paint can be layered on the outer panels of a professionally cleaned and prepared car, baked in place, and sucked away by powerful fans. No overflow is left behind because of this procedure, the exhaustively monitored removal of excess paint through advanced filtration media. The result is a fast and repeatable process that works in accordance with government guidelines. In short, you’re looking at an environmentally-friendly vehicle painting process, which is a big bonus for the already superior technique.

The quick evacuation of excess paint from the low baked oven keeps the area clean, makes sure paint is uniformly applied, and ensures the end product is a silky-smooth, polished finish. After all, your vehicle is an expensive commodity, one that you want in peak showroom condition for as long as possible. The outer shell of the car is constantly under attack from sun and sand, from the salt in the air and the weather. A classic paint job would maintain the sheen of the outer bodywork for some time, but there’d be that inevitable dullness that comes with aging. A low baked oven is tailored to beat these aging effects by taking account of the detrimental factors that exist today. Rain has a higher acidity content than ever before, coastal regions are clumping together as large cities grow, meaning the salty air works harder than ever to dull your car’s new finish. The baking process imbues your vehicle with what’s essentially a toughened shell while mitigating the harmful chemical hazards that are found in standard respraying techniques.

Carefully managed via an enclosed chamber setting, the oven bake spray eliminates dust and guarantees that your vehicle receives a uniformly pure, hardened skin. It won’t chip, won’t age, and there’s that wonderful bonus to the work, the knowledge that you’re keeping our troubled planet that much cleaner due to the addition of advanced filtration assemblies within this larger-than-life oven.


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