Body Kit Fitting

Most people are appalled by the fact that despite the huge diversity in taste and preferences of people, they are provided with a limited number of options when choosing a car. But thanks to the body kits and fitting services offered by us at Khaz Customs, you can make your car totally unique, just like yourself in a simple and affordable manner. Our professional technicians are well versed in the art of using the most appropriate body kits to change the appearance of your automobile significantly. However, they carry out this task with such finesse that your car looks like it has come out of the factory with that unique style and appeal.

Why opt For Body Kits
The decision to opt for a body kit does not only enhance the look and elegance of your car but in some cases, it might actually enhance its performance. A well fitted body kit can also prove to be a great investment as you can get sponsorship for your car besides which it can chosen for commercial shoots or other promotional and marketing purposes. In fact, a good kit can even improve the handling of the vehicle and thus ensure better aerodynamics to make your rides smoother and exciting.

What Makes Khaz Customs The Right Choice
When it comes to body kits and fitting we are definitely the experts in Lagos and its adjoining areas. Our team of technicians possesses in-depth knowledge about all aspects of body kit fittings which is why we handle this task like true professionals. Hiring our services proves beneficial for your vehicle in the following ways.

  • We carry out a proper analysis of your vehicle and understand your needs thoroughly before offering advice about the most suitable body kits for your car.
  • We use the latest tools and equipment to complete the fitting work so as to ensure minimal damage to the vehicle and also to complete the task in a timely manner.
  • We deliver high quality services which guarantee that all the fitting work undertaken by us are carried out to your utmost satisfaction and last really long besides offering you great value for money.


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